Severe Coughing

Coping with Severe Coughing Bouts

Severe coughing can be very painful for the body in multiple ways. First of all, your irritated throat will be sore and it will be uncomfortable to use it either to speak or to eat. Secondly, since coughing causes spasms in the abdominal area, you can feel pain in other parts of your body also. This can easily leave a patient feeling exhausted.

A cough can be from a viral or bacterial infection. Severe coughing is largely associated with a bad case of cold and cough and with respiratory illnesses but depending on the length of the problem and the time of day is escalates it can imply different things. If you have persistent cough that does not respond to the usual over-the-counter medications or home remedies, you should visit a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis of the problem. The cough can be indicative of bigger problems and you should use it as a symptom to figure out what your body is letting you know.

A cough is the body’s way of expelling unwanted substance like mucus from the body. So, if you are congested and coughing it is your body’s natural defense mechanism at play. Similarly, if while eating you choke on something, you will have a severe bout of coughing because your body is trying to make sure that the food item is not going down to wrong tract. These can be severe coughing bouts but knowing what causes them will help you deal with the condition calmly. Clearing your throat or steaming may help in the former case and drinking warm water or swallowing something smooth and easy to clear the food pipe will help in the latter situation.

Most often people get worried about severe coughing only once they find it persistent. This may interfere with their sleep and add to the body’s difficulties. If you feel it is a continuation of a throat infection, you can try some herbal or home remedies to ease the irritation of the throat:

Mixing honey in hot beverage just before going to sleep can soothe the throat.

If your severe coughing is triggered by dryness, you can try using pepper corns and suck on them to stimulate your salivary glands.  

Adding ginger to boiling water and mixing the water with honey and lemon is believed to be a great cure for coughs and since all the ingredients are natural you can take a cup of this at various times during the day.

There are several lozenges available today that build on these natural cures and so you can use the honey, lemon or ginger flavor that works for you without having to necessarily prepare your own tonic.

Chicken soup and, for vegetarians tomato soup, are seen as the cure-all comfort food during sickness partly because the warmth of the soup is helpful for the throat and partly because the nutrients help the body build strength to deal with infection.

Some experts recommend adding health supplements such as vitamins that will help your body’s immune system. Vitamin C and Zinc are popularly recommended for those fighting a sinus infection.

Sometimes postural changes may help in helping you deal with severe coughing at night. You may need to use multiple pillows to make sure that your nose stays above your throat to avoid nasal dripping into the throat area which triggers severe coughing at night.

If these cures do not have enough of an impact on your problem, you may need to visit the doctor. If it is coughing due to a bacterial infection, a round of antibiotics can be singularly effective in getting rid of the cough. The doctor may need to test you to figure out the exact cause of the problem. Allergies, gastro-esophogeal reflux, post nasal drip and adverse reactions to some medication are all likely to trigger severe coughing.